Huhem Law Firm - FAQ

Q: Aren’t attorneys expensive?
A: At Huhem Law Firm, PLLC we offer competitive and affordable prices for apartment owners. Our eviction and eviction appeal services are based off of a flat fee to make the process more efficient and affordable for you.

Q: What counties do you serve?
A: Huhem Law Firm, PLLC proudly serves Tarrant, Dallas, Denton and Collin counties

Q: What states do you serve?
A: Currently Huhem Law Firm, PLLC primarily serves the state of Texas however, Victor Huhem, Esq. is licensed to practice in California and Utah.

Q: I am a tenant; can you help me?
A: Since Huhem Law Firm, PLLC represents a vast amount of multi-family properties we typically do not represent tenants as this can often cause a conflict of interest. However, our intake department will review your case and will advise if Huhem Law Firm, PLLC is able to represent you. For inquires please fill out the form on our contact page or email service@huhemlaw.com

Q: Why should I hire an attorney?
A: Having an attorney handle your legal needs, even evictions can allow property owners and managers to focus on running their property. Often times it is not effective to close the office and leave the property unattended while you file evictions, writs and attend eviction hearings. The staff at Huhem Law Firm, PLLC is here to help you with your legal needs so you can focus on running your property.

Q: My house is being foreclosed on; can you help me?
A: Huhem Law Firm, PLLC will review foreclosure matters on a case by case bases for non-rental properties. Please email us at service@huhemlaw.com so our intake department may review your case.