ForeclosureThe foreclosure of a property is very stressful in many cases, and it can be more difficult when it is a multi-family property that has to do with the income producing potential of that property, and the way it may have to change hands for the tenants who live there, as well. Sometimes, however, a landlord has no choice and the property ends up in foreclosure. For landlords who may be facing that prospect, Huhem Law Firm, LLC is here to help. In some cases, foreclosures can be stopped while in other cases, the transition can be made easier. Either option requires a good legal advocate to work through the process.

If there is potential to stop that process, we will also work toward that in order to help the landlord move forward financially. No matter what size and type of rental property a landlord has, if foreclosure is a possibility we will advocate for them and work toward the best possible legal outcome for the situation.